WL Accomplishment 003
Reg # 1983418 |  BD: 02/17/2020

Sire: Sitz Accomplishment 720F
Dam: WL 5503 Blackbird 421-884

003 was retained from our large group of 2020 Accomplishment sons. His progeny are born easily and have great vigor. He is a very long sided, heavy muscled, good footed sire that passes those traits to his progeny very well. His dam, 884, is big middled and has a tidy udder with small teats. His sons have performed well and are deep bodied with excellent muscle expression. We are excited to calve out his first daughters next spring.

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  S Intent 8578
Reg # 19171822 |  BD: 02/27/2018 |  Tattoo: 8578

Sire: S Inherent 6764
Dam: S Lass 6879

Intent was our pick of the 2019 Spickler North sale. He is a long sided, calving ease, performance sire. His sons perform very well and are heavy muscled. His daughters are big middled, angular, great uddered, and make excellent docile mothers. Intent is making a positive impact on our herd and delivers great balance to all his progeny. Owned with Haugen Cattle Company and Spickler Ranch North.

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  WL Reno 0144
Reg # 19840371 |  BD: 03/29/2020 |  Tattoo: 0144

Sire: Spring Cove Reno
Dam: MCATL Forever Lady 1429-138

0144 came to us through an embryo package purchase. His dam, MCATL Forever Lady 1429‐138, is the dam of Musgrave Aviator. He is a moderate, powerful, calving ease specialist. 0144 is excellent footed and his full sister and half sisters are excellent udder females. His maternal history is strong and his daughters are very angular, feminine and big middled. We are looking forward to calving them next spring and will continue to create many more calving ease sons and add more impactful daughters to our herd.

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