S Revere 6824
Reg # 18553678 |  BD: 03/27/2016  |  Tattoo: 6824

Sire: Tehama Revere
Dam: Farview SR Burgette 3167

Revere 6824 was our pick of the Revere sons in the Spickler 2017 sale. His impact was very positive as he has 3 of the first 10 lots in our 2020 sale. His calves are calving ease, attractive in design and very expressive muscled. Unfortunately, Revere 6824, was injured late in the breeding season and this will be the only calf crop we will have. We are retaining one son and many daughters to carry on what he has impressively started.

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  WL Comrade 610
Reg # 18689082 |  BD: 02/20/2016  |  Tattoo: 610

Sire: Connealy Comrade 1385
Dam: WL 213 Rosebud 2107-490

610 is a dominant standout and was the high selling bull in our 2017 sale to Schroeder Ranch. This Comrade son was the heaviest weaning weight bull calf in Wendel Livestock history at 945 pounds with a WW ratio of 126. He continued to dominate at his 365wt also. This herd sire is massive constructed with a wide base, big top and quarter. He moves and strides with ease, carrying himself very well. 610 is a calving ease, big growth, clean fronted, tight skinned bull with a quiet disposition. His dam, 490, has excelled in production with NR 4/111 and has bred back while being flushed 2 spring breeding seasons. She goes back to our Toby Rosebud 529 donor, who has made the largest genetic stamp of any cow in our herd. We look forward to offering many sons and daughters in future sales.

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  TLC Excitement 245
Reg # 18440207 |  BD: 03/16/2015 |  Tattoo: 245

Sire: Basin Excitement
Dam: TLC Blackcap 243

245 was bought in TLC Vetsch Angus 2016 production sale. He is truly a sure fire calving ease, growth sire. His progeny grow quickly, have excellent phenotype and his daughters are developing into great cows.. 245 did a great job with a progeny BW ratio of 94 and WW ratio of 103. We are using 245 more in future calf crops because of the great results we have gotten.

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  McCumber Fortunate 213
Reg # 17265901 |  BD: 01/19/2012  |  Tattoo: 213

Sire: Sinclair Fortunate Son
Dam: Miss Wix 5139 of Mc Cumber

We partnered with Circle V Angus and McCumber’s and purchased this bull from McCumber’s 2013 sale. He was the 2nd high selling bull. His dam is the Pathfinder donor Miss Wix 5139 of McCumber, out of the poster cow of the Angus breed, Miss Wix 7111 of McCumber. We were looking for a moderate birth, structurally sound, moderate framed performance bull. 213 is a consistent bull that stamps as much muscle expression and shape as any bull we have used. He has definitely met our expectations.

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WL Confidence 392
Reg # 17636575  |  BD: 3/24/2013  |  Tattoo: 392

Sire: Connealy Confidence 0100
Dam: WL 0035 Fancy Beauty 435-953

We raised this herd sire and was the top selling bull in our 2014 sale. His calves are consistently long-bodied, big quartered and very structurally sound. His dam, 953, is in our donor program and has been one of our most consistent no miss cows we have. She is also the dam to WL War Party 127 who is a pasture sire of ours.

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