RB Lady Standard 0100
Reg #16728858  |  BD: 02/24/2010  |  Tattoo: 0100

Sire: LCC New Standard
Dam: B A Lady 6807 305

RB Lady Standard 0100 was a great addition to Wendel Livestock. This full sister to the famous RB Lady Standard 305-890, RB Active Duty and maternal sister to Tour of Duty has left her mark on our herd. She has a great production record of BR 6@99 WR 6@102 and YR 4@104. She also has carried a calving interval of 6@376 while being flushed and breeding back. 0100 has been flushed three times with a prolific production of 62 embryos.  She has maintained an excellent udder, sound feet and has an excellent disposition. Wendel Livestock has 1 daughter in herd production of NR 2@108 with several more on the way. She was sold in the North Dakota select sale last January for $16,000. We continue to get more bull and heifer calves as we implant our embryos.

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  WL 0035 Fancy Beauty 435-953
Reg #16594892  |  BD: 03/16/2009  |  Tattoo: 953

Sire: S A V Final Answer 0035
Dam: WL 5321 Fancy Beauty 231-435

We raised the powerful donor and she has delivered us 2 herd bulls and 4 flush brothers that were very well received in the 2016 sale. She is the dam of WL Confidence 392 and WL War Party 127 who combine for 9 bull and 9 heifer registered lots. She is definitely making a big stamp in our genetic pool because of her ability to give her progeny high performance with lots of body and muscle expression in a low birth, sound footed, docile package. Her sons sell as lots 1,8,10,31,35,36.

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  Brusett Clova Pride X97
Reg #16769569  |  BD: 03/12/2010  |  Tattoo: X97

Sire: XCR Image Maker U444
Dam: Brusett Clova Pride Q798

This dam came from the Brusett dispersion in Montana. She wasn’t here long before we decided to move her to donor status. She is a powerful, gentle cow with a nice udder that has worked very well no matter what she is mated to. X97 is extremely sound with plenty of flex to her pasterns and moves with ease. She has a production NR of 5/108.  We have 1 daughter in production and 5 more on the way.

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