Wendel Livestock started in 1963 when Dennis Wendel bought his first Hereford cows, then known as Wendel Hereford Farm in Sanborn, ND.  Wendel Livestock started as an eager young man with big ambitions and a love of raising quality cattle.  Dennis has always been a teacher in the cattle business.  He coached a livestock judging team that won most of the contests it participated in. Bill Klein, Gordy Klein and Bruce Anderson were his students and even won a heifer at a regional contest.  Wendel Livestock moved to LaMoure in 1970 to expand and started using AI as an advancement of its genetic pool. In the early 1980’s Dennis and his five sons, Mike, Doug, Shane, Trevor, and Dan bought their first Angus cows from Atomic Angus.  Dennis and sons admired the Angus mother cow and her advantages of calving ease, milking ability and longevity.  The Wendel brothers also grew up livestock judging with their father and coach to better make selection improvements to the herd.  Wendel Livestock raised mostly commercial cattle though the seventies and eighties with about a 250 head cow herd.

In 1993, after college, Mike moved back to the farm and started taking over the cow herd and operations.  He continually added and replaced commercial cows with more registered Angus cows.

In 2002 Mike married Shari Rodine from Bear Creek Beef Farms in Oakes.  Mike and Shari combined their cow herds and efforts in raising Angus cattle.  Shari comes from three generations of raising cow/calf pairs and feeding cattle to finish.  Gerald Rodine, Shari’s father, has been raising calves since the early 1970’s and buying feeder calves to finish for 65 years.

Wendel Livestock has become a complete registered herd.  The few remaining commercial cows serve as embryo recipients.  We have always embraced new tools to make our gene pool stronger. Accurate AHIR measurements, ultrasound carcass data on all bull calves, and genetic testing on all replacement females are used to continually raise the bar on desired balanced traits.  We use extensive AI as all cows are passed over and our ET program focuses on replicating our best cows in large numbers to produce bulls that sire high value consistent feeder cattle.  This goal has never changed in the last 50 years. We have always held our cattle to a very high standard and no cow is too good to be culled. 

We look to the future to continue to raise a product that our customers and consumers desire. We have the next generation already learning the skills and tools we have been taught by the generations before. Grandpa Dennis Wendel now helps his grandchildren sharpen their skills as livestock judgers to prepare them for the future of continued production of a valued product.
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Mike and Shari Wendel
Mike & Shari Wendel
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